How, exactly, does paying UK council tax work?


Everywhere I’ve read is intentionally obfuscating, or underdetailed. Is the amount in a band a yearly rate? Is the amount shared between people in the same household, or is it charged individually? Lots of very basic information that seems impossible to get a hold of.

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It’s per household. You’ll get a 25% discount if you live alone. Students pay nothing. I’m in Newcastle and we pay about £120 a month if that helps. I’m not sure what source you are looking at so can’t really understand why you’re struggling with it.

Your house will be in one of the bands depending on its value. The price you see (likely somewhere between £1000-£3000) will be annual. In my area most average homes are around £150 a month. this is one payment per household. It is not charged per person, however in most areas you can get a 25% discount if you live alone

Council tax is the responsibility of the tenant if they take the entire property, or the landlord if they’re renting out individual rooms.

What is it you are struggling with exactly? What are these ‘basic questions’ you can’t find answers to online?

One thing I’ve not seen mentioned is the prices in the bands are entirely dependent on the county you live in, it’s not a nationwide price per band. Also what services you get in each county for the council tax you pay varies. We moved and now pay more council tax for far less services.