How fast does the earth rotate


How fast does the earth rotate

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Well, we have 1 rotation/24 hours, and the circumference of the Earth is 40,000 km, so going 40,000km/24hr=1667 km/hr on the equator. This gets lower as you move towards the poles, where rotational velocity is 0.

The Earth rotates once every day, annual rotation notwithstanding. This puts its angular speed at 1/(24×60) rpm, or 0.00069 rpm.

As for the linear motion of any specific point, that depends on its distance from the equator. At the equator, it moves at 460-some m/s. At the poles, it does not move at any speed.

The Earth rotates at about 1,000 MPH

The Earth circles the sun at about 67,000 MPH

The sun circles the Milky Way Galaxy at about 490 MPH

The Milky Way is is moving about 1.3 Million MPH