How homosexual sex can lead to having HIV/AIDS ?


How homosexual sex can lead to having HIV/AIDS ?

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Back in the 1970s, gay men were having sex with lots of different sexual partners, and weren’t using condoms because they didn’t see a need. They couldn’t get pregnant after all, and while there were some STDs, most of them were minor annoyances that required a doctor’s visit rather than anything life-threatening.

Then, someone got infected with HIV. At the time, no one knew what HIV was, and this virus can takes years before it takes effect, so a lot of gay men had no clue they were infected by anything, and continued to sleep with plenty of other gay men, spreading the disease in the process. It would be years before a bunch of gay men all started dying, of what was at first called “GRID” (Gay Related Immune Disease) and no one knew why. They didn’t know what HIV was, and being honest here, many doctors and scholars didn’t care, because why bother spending effort finding out why all those gay deviants are dying?

It really wasn’t until it became clear that while most common in the gay male community, that HIV could infect anyone who had bodily fluid transfers via sex or exchanging needles used when doing drugs, that it started being taken more seriously.

Today, gay men are far more careful, as they know what HIV is now, and saw how it killed off thousands of gay men, a tragedy for the LGBT community as tons of men died, many of them alone, of a disease they had no idea existed until it was too late. But even so, there’s still gay men who are carrying HIV, and spreading it around today, from men who aren’t taking the proper precautions.

Now, it is also slightly easier to spread diseases from anal sex as opposed to vaginal sex, but that’s not the main factor in why gay men are seen as being more at risk for HIV infection than other demographics.

HIV is transmitted when virus from infected person enters bloodstream of another person. Bodily fluids, including vaginal fluid and semen, can contain HIV. Also, tiny fissures can be created during vaginal or anal sex. These fissures will allow HIV to go from semen/vaginal fluid to blood. So, man-to-man anal sex is one of multiple ways genitalia-mediated HIV spread can occur.

Of course, the most efficient way to transmit HIV is through blood. So, a needle from infected person being used by a non-infected person is likely to cause transmission. Which is why needle exchange programs are a great way to reduce spread of HIV through society.

This is also why donated blood is thoroughly checked for HIV.

HIV is a contagious disease. You catch it when bodily fluids from an infected person find their way into your body.

This is much more likely to occur if the person you’re having sex with has a penis than if they don’t. Because penises tend to emit fluid during sex, and tend to emit that fluid *into* you rather than just *onto* your skin.

It doesn’t matter whether the sex in question is “homosexual” or “heterosexual”. If you’re a man, it’s safest for you to have sex with people who don’t have penises. If you’re a woman, it’s *still* safest for you to have sex with people who don’t have penises.