how in the world are teslas so fast?!


just watched a few videos of fast muscle cars.

Dodge Demon, Hellcat, Shelby Mustang. and a tesla beat every single car in a race.

the Shelby did the best against any car vs the tesla plaid in the 1/4 mile but how or why is the tesla so much faster than every car?

this was a tesla plaid but watched some videos of tesla s and that thang was fast, too.

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Because electric motors get 100% of their power immediately where as internal combustion piston engines get their power from spinning a flywheel faster and faster.

In a race if you can get good traction you have all of your power right away with the electric motor whereas an internal combustion engine has to spin faster and faster to generate Peak power

All EVs are crazy fast because there is no tranfer of torque from the engine, to the driveshaft, to the wheels. Electric motors are connected directly to the wheels so the power is instant.

If you look at the specs of an internal combustion engine, you’ll see that the maximum power is listed at a determined RPM. That’s because internal combustion engines have a [power band]( meaning that they only get maximum power and torque at a certain RPM (revolutions per minute).

Electrical engines on the other hand have all power and torque available immediately.

The practical effect is that electrical cars shoot out much faster from the start because all power and torque is available, while internal combustion engines have to increase RPM to get to maximum power and torque.

Electric motors are able to deliver 100% of their rated torque right away and EVs don’t have transmissions. Well, the Porsche does, but it doesn’t really need it. So, while gasoline and diesel engines have to rev up to their max power band and then shift into a higher gear and go through that process again, an EV *can just keep going at 100%*.

It is why sometimes, if the race goes long enough, the supercars will hunt down the electric car because at some point the gasoline car will hit their final drive ration (top gear) and the engine will rev up until it makes all the possible power. At that time it comes down to which car has more horsepower.

The races are rigged so as to give the electric car an artificial advantage. There are no rules against entering an electric vehicle into the Indy 500 or Formula 1 races. The reason you don’t see any of these cars entering is that internal combustion engines are far more efficient at speed than they are at a standstill.