How is a programming language bad for the environment?


I stumbled upon an article that said Python, although popular and useful is particularly bad for the environment. As a matter of fact, it’s the 4th most environmentally-unfriendly language. C and C++ are supposedly in the top 5 env-friendliest languages.

How does a programming language acquire the status of eco-friendly? Does it relate with how fast it is executed on a particular computer?

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It’s based on how much power it takes to run when running some test code that does the same thing for all languages. It just means that python takes more CPU power to do the same tasks that C/C++ do, etc.

There’s quite a bit of hand-waving involved since it depends a lot on what the tests you run are trying to do.

I think calling it environmentally friendly/unfriendly is a bit of a red herring. But it’s fine to say that some languages require more processing power than others.