How is “color accuracy” measured?


From wikipedia, the meter is defined as the length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second. I’ve been reading about “color accuracy” and truecolor on the Mac, but I’m not clear on what “accuracy” means in this context. Accurate to what? Wikipedia defines blue as perceiving “a dominant wavelength between approximately 450 and 495 nanometers,” which seems to define it subjectively.

What’s the standard to define a color? What makes one blue more accurate or correct than another?

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Color accuracy is less to do with the physics of light and more to do with our mechanical ability to reproduce colors accurately on different mediums. Imagine if a photographer was taking a photo of something with low contrast. If he worked with it on a computer with high accuracy but then printed it on a printer with low accuracy, he’d think the image is fine but it prints horribly. Or vis versa; he can’t see details on his monitor but they appear quite clearly once printed. Alternatively, if he has two different monitors with two different sets of color accuracy values, his images will look different on each monitor. Technologies like truecolor allow monitors to replicate different lighting or printing conditions so that the image will accurately reflect the source object’s appearance or will match the printer that will print the image.

The fact that a meter is defines as a distance light travel is not relevant in this case and the even wavelength definition of light

Compare it to physical [Color_chart]( where you print color on papers and you can use it as a reference. All color charts of the same standard look the same so you can compare to it to get the same color.

They can be used to for example compare to the pain on the wall and if you match it to the color chart of a pain manufacturer you use it to order pain of the exact right color to match the other.

Color accurate mean that all displays or printed thins that use the same calibration should look the same side by side. If you have used two computer monitor or cellphones side by side you will notice that even if you show the same picture the will not look identical.

So color accuracy meant that is in this case that you computer output colors according to a standard.