How is nuclear energy converted into other types of usable energy



How is nuclear energy converted into other types of usable energy

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It heats water to past the boiling point creating super pressurized steam to spin turbines to create power.

I guess it depends on your use:

Uncontrolled release = bomb, for destroying worlds.

Controlled release = giant kettle, to make steam for spinning a turbine. There is, of course, the RTG units on the Voyager space probes (probably others, I’m sure), which work differently but still utilise heat to make electricity.

The energy is converted into heat, at which point we convert it the same way we convert the heat from other forms of energy like fossil fuels. Heat is used to boil water, which then turns into steam which rises and spins a turbine. Aside from wind and solar, most forms of electricity generation come down to heating up water.

A neutron splits the uranium nucleus. This creates radiation and also send the two split “halves” flying (kinetic energy). This radiation and those flying “halves” run into other things, transferring their motion (heat energy).

So if you put water into a reactor, it gets very hot. This heat generates steam, which turns a turbine. The turbine moves magnets around and generates an electrical current.

In really simplified terms, nuclear energy is almost identical to steam energy from burning coal. The only big difference (again, this is oversimplified) is that a nuclear reaction is producing heat that is turning the water into steam instead of coal being burned.

nuclear energy is made by splitting atoms, which releases a large amount of heat. this heat is used to boil water into steam which is used to turn turbines, the movement of the turbines is translated into electrical energy