How is rice so cheap to produce considering how much work there is to harvest it?



I read online that it takes 4 months to harvest it from seed and even then you’ll only be able to harvest a handful of rice granules, which isn’t really enough to be self sustaining if growing it at home. On farmland, it also seems like tedious work to produce such a large volume of it given that the rice plants are cut by hand.

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Waiting for it to grow is not difficult work and can be done easily by a single person. They basically just have to spray pesticides occasionally. Also, the cheap rice is not cut by hand. They have big machines that drive through the field and harvest it. [Rice harvest image](

Rice in paddy fields requires very little effort between planting and harvesting the reason for the flooding of the fields is to keep down weeds and other things which might interfere with the crops, so it is really cheap to grow.