How is sweating good for your health?


How is sweating good for your health?

In: Biology

It keeps you from overheating and flushes out your sweat glands, keeping them from clogging and getting infected.

Sweating is our way of cooling down so we don’t overheat. When we sweat our skin gets wet and as that water evaporates, it cools us off. It is the same thing that happens when you get out of the pool or the shower and haven’t dried off yet, so it feels really cold.

You know how if you’ve got wet hands, or you’ve just got out the shower, any breeze feels very cold?

That’s because evaporating liquid takes energy in the form of heat, so it cools you.

This is literally what sweat does. It comes out of your skin makes it wet, and when it evaporates, it absorbs energy (heat) from you.

Note that if you’re somewhere very humid, and hot, this effect doesn’t work nearly as well, which is why you end up soaked in sweat, and still pretty hot.