How is Television transmitted?



Watching Wandavision and this came to mind

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Many ways but traditional broadcast TV would just use radio waves (light) just like all other forms of wireless data transmission.

Today TV is transmitted via a wide array of methods, satellite (radio again), fiber optics (also light), and copper (electronic pulses on a wire)

So, a camera with an attached microphone picks up the recording. The recording then goes into a sort of mixer where it gets coded. Those codes are then sent uploaded and sent out at the station via like a big satellite up to around 50miles though a relay tower can pick them up and continue pushing them farther. Then it is received typically in a form of another smaller antenna which goes into the tv. The tv has basically a decoder of sorts to translate what it just picked up and produces it as an image with sound attached.

So basically it’s like sending a package via UPS. Though through coded waves on a certain frequency that can hold the translation of what the show/movie is about.