How is the image our eyes see displayed?


Like I know how we see, our eyes take in light and send an image to our brain, but how is that displayed? Basically how do we see? On a computer that image is on a display, but where is our bodies equivalent of that?

In: Biology

In your eyes there are things that are like reverse pixels, tiny sensors that are sensitive to certain colours of light. Your brain combines the data from all these tiny eyes into one image in your brain.

The answer is that it’s not displayed. The information about the image is sent directly to the brain and processed by occipital lobe which is the vision center of the brain. It doesn’t need to be displayed inside your brain in order for it to be understood.

To go with your tech analogy:

The eye/optic nerve/image processing part of the brain is an input device not an output device.

More like a camera than a monitor.