How is the skin on your face different than on the rest of your body?


Why is skincare for your face separate from skincare for your body? Why do you need separate products for your face and body? Is facial skincare actually important/necessary?

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I think one of the key differences is that there are more oil producing glands on the face, in namely what is referred to as the T-zone. That’s the area encompassing the forehead and nose area. The increased oil / secretions can give rise to acne, among other things.

I don’t think it is. The face does have oil glands, but so does your back. The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate, but so is the skin on the backs of your hands.

The difference, I suspect, is marketing. Why sell us *one* cleanser when they can sell us four? One for the face, one for body, one for feet, one for intimate bits?

I use products intended for the body on my face all the time, and vice versa, and I can’t tell any difference. I either like a product or I don’t, but it doesn’t really matter which skin I use it on. Body lotion on the face, facial lotion on the heels of the feet, serum wherever I feel like putting it, whatever.

Also there’s emphasis on facial skin because humans spend a lot more time looking at each other’s faces than, say, shoulder blades, knee backs, or heels.

Money makes a difference, though: there *are* some very expensive products that give really great results—I got a sample of an expensive serum last year and it was spectacular—but eh, I ain’t paying $80 for a quarter of an ounce of cream that only I can tell I’m using.

That said, I’m not in the industry, nor am I a doctor or scientist. I’m just a person who has skin and buys products. So what do I know.

Just adding in here skin care for the face is so important ***because your face is constantly exposed to the elements.*** Skin damage is not reversible so the only way to protect it is preventative. Moisturizers, SPF, exfoliating and all that stuff, you gotta get on it early and be diligent. Especially so for light complected people.

The only skin care that can be considered *important* is sunscreen, as UV rays can cause skin cancer. Anything else is cosmetic and will not affect your overall health, unless you are a rare person who is getting serious skin infections on the face or something.