How parcels can be redirected to another address



Recently had to get a parcel redirected and I’ve been wondering how that even works, can someone explain how they’d do it?

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Essentially, each parcel has a code on it which when scanned, tells people where to take it (starting point, 1st stop, 2nd stop, …, Delivery point). When you redirect it the route is changed, so the code tells them to take it somewhere else!

The post office sorts a lot of stuff digitally. A machine scans a parcel and decides where it should go based on the address on it.

The post office also maintains a database of redirects. If the scanned address and name matches a redirect entry in the database, the mail will get marked as a redirect and it will usually get a sticker on it that says the new address and a note to update the address with the sender.

Then it gets sorted by the new address instead of the old one. So it never goes to the old address. The post office figures out the address matches a redirect entry and just sends it straight to the new place.