How pressure and volume are related to each other?


How pressure and volume are related to each other?

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In what context? Volume and pressure of compressed gasses for example? Volume of sound and how pressure affects it?

Think of a marshmallow. The way it looks now is because there is a normal amount of pressure on it.

You squeeze it and it becomes smaller. Squeezing is extra pressure, you compact everything that the marshmallow is made of into itself. Its size decreases, thus less volume.
If you take away the pressure, maybe even go as far as taking away all of it (creating a vacuum), there is nothing holding the marshmallow back. It grows in size, because there is nothing squeezing it.

More pressure is less volume. Less pressure is more volume.

The total amount of gas in a container is proportional to the pressure and volume. If the amount of gas remains the same, then by changing the volume you modify the pressure. By changing the amount of gas but keeping the volume the same, you again change the pressure.

Robert Boyle in 1662 published the results of his experiments on gas under pressure and showed that as you increase the pressure on a gas it decreased in volume directly proportionally so long as the temperature was kept constant. Which became Boyle’s law –