How someone’s part of liver can be given to someone else?

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If the liver is one complex organ, how can part of it be chopped down, and sewed? to the recipient?

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When someone donates part of their liver, it’s called a living liver donation. The liver is unique because it can regenerate, or regrow, after a part of it is removed. This ability makes living liver donations possible. The donor undergoes surgery to remove a portion of their liver. This portion is then transplanted into the recipient whose liver is failing.

After the surgery, both the donor’s and recipient’s livers begin to regenerate. The liver cells multiply to get back to their original volume and function, not necessarily their original shape. This process can take from a few weeks to a few months. The donor’s liver typically regenerates faster, often within 2 to 3 months, while the recipient’s liver also regenerates but may take a bit longer to reach full functionality.

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A kidney is a complex organ. Lots of tubes, lots of layers, lots of little structures.

A liver is just like a big slab of organ. There’s no separate section with different jobs, there’s no layers and membranes and tubes. Any one section of liver tissue is doing the same thing.

so the liver can be cut into parts and as long as there is appropriate blood flow, that liver hunk will keep doing liver things to the blood flowing through.