How the government or organisations clean rivers that are so polluted and spreads so wide?


How the government or organisations clean rivers that are so polluted and spreads so wide?

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The first step would be to stop polluting them.

Next step would be the clean up large material and garbage.

After that they can look at the water, but unlike lakes, rivers generally flow to the ocean.

The first step should always be to stop polluting.

After that you need to define what kind of problems (polutants, organic material, fertilizer etc.) the river has and act acordingly. For example if runoff of organic material has caused habitat loss for fish, you might need to do some dredging. This means that you must have a good understanding of the river ecosystem before the polutants changed it.

Sometimes it’s better not to remove the polutants at all. I mentioned dredging before. It can be a useful tool but disturbing the bottom can release sedimented polutants back in to the water.

Yes first you gotta stop the polluting. Runoff from agriculture and impervious surfaces like roads and parking lots is one very serious cause of pollution. One important step is to make sure waste water is treated before it enters a river. Restoring Riparian buffers (shrubs trees plants that thrive along the edge) is extremely important. Ecosystem can begin to heal itself reintroduce native plants and animals.

Biggest step is to stop polluting, but that always isn’t a fix for contaminated water. Bigger things like garbage can be handpicked, but the biggest threat polluted waterways present is the presence of xenobiotics (man made chemicals) and other elements found at toxic levels. So treatment of these waters vary based on the amount of money you can put into the restoration process. Wastewater treatment with chemicals is an option, or we can look into natural methods. One being using organisms that can essentially “filter” out the bad and leave behind the good. Organisms such as seaweed or other phytoplankton (algae in general) are good contenders for wastewater treatment of rivers and other natural bodies of water