How we “acquire” a taste?



How we “acquire” a taste?

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At first the taste is off for some reason, but as time goes on your taste buds get used to it and your brain accepts it as a taste and then it becomes delicious

Will over mind.

You actively suppress the negative effects while boasting its positive effect. For example, beer. It tastes like shit. But in order to get intoxicated, you overlook the shitty taste and focus on the buzz and good times.

If you mean “how do we learn to like strong/weird/bitter things like coffee or wine”, it’s mostly a case of teaching your taste buds to get used to that strong overlaying flavor so that you can start to ignore it. Once you’re past being overwhelmed by that strong initial reaction, you can start to notice the subtleties and differences of the other tastes that make up that food/beverage. This is typically done over time, maybe with gradually increasing strengths of the thing.

If you mean “how do we start liking different things over time”, I don’t know as much about that, but I do know that your ability and sensitivity to perceive flavors does change over time, especially in a developing kid.