“Hypothesis-deductive method”, please.


Trying to get this thru my head but I’m stuck. I think our teacher explained it to be somewhat a hybrid/mix between deductive and inductive method(s), but I’m not 100% sure I’ve understood it completely. Examples would be MUCH appreciated.


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Suppose you observe the Sun rising and setting every day. You find two possible reasons for that: 1. The Sun is orbiting the Earth once every day. 2. The Earth is rotating around itself once every day. Those are two different hypotheses, and your observations can be deduced from both of them. However, another deduction from hypothesis 2 would be the existence of the Coriolis effect, coming from the fact that the Earth’s rotation tries to throw everything off. While no such thing can be deduced from hypothesis 1. In reality we do observe the Coriolis effect as well. Therefore, hypothesis 2 (the Earth rotating around itself) must be the correct one.