i was born with blue eyes but now my eyes are light brown, why?


i was born with blue eyes but now my eyes are light brown, why?

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Traits can also play a part in the final eye color as well. Blue eyes are a recessive trait while brown eyes are a dominant trait. In order for someone to have blue eyes, both parents must have the trait to be passed down whether it shows or not. My dad has brown, my mom has blue, but I have brown. Because my mom has blue-eyes the trait has been passed to me. I have in turn passed it to my son who has blue eyes. Since my husband has blue eyes, and I carry the recessive trait, his likeness to have blue eyes is higher than if both parents have brown eyes yet carry the trait.

If you are talking about being born with blue eyes and then turning brown after a few months, this is not uncommon, especially for Caucasians.
If it has happened more recently, that is definitely odd.

It’s because [your eyes at birth didn’t have their full complement of melanin yet](https://www.livescience.com/13564-babies-eyes-start-blue-change-color.html). As more melanin accumulates in the eyes after birth they darken to their eventual color.

Blue in eyes is not an actual color. It’s lack of color. A lack of color in eyes ends up looking blue to us due to light scattering — the same reason the sky looks blue.

Babies often aren’t born with all of their color cells fully developed yet. As you aged, your brown color cells turned on, which visually squashed the blue.

This is very common. Many Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. Only a subset of them keep their baby blues. The pigment that turns them darker only comes in later.