If animals need their tail to sway and balance, why animals without tails or short tails don’t fall off?


Edit: I mean, why animals with broken or cut off tails, don’t have any problems balancing?

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I’m no expert, but I think most animals with no tails or really short tails tend to have really stocky, stable legs, and do not tend to be fast runners or agile jumpers that put themselves in situations where they often lose their balance. Bears, tortoises, badgers, etc do not have the same sort of lifestyle as cats, monkeys, rats etc

Fall off what? Different animals evolved different anatomies to meet the requirements of their environment – humans (tailless primates) would certainly be less apt to swing from branch to branch than say gibbons or rhesus monkeys because humans spent ~2MM years evolving to walk upright on hard ground and the other two didn’t.

Tails assist animals like dogs and cats in high speed chases. They help them turn faster. They do not need them for walking. The best example of a tail assisting in a chase is to watch a cheetah chasing its prey. Here is a video. https://youtu.be/qukcc8wCxJo

**Some** animals use their tails for balance.

That doesn’t imply animals without tails are incapable of balancing. They just do it in different ways.

My cat had her tail broken somehow (before I adopted her) and she’s falls off things all the time. She’s incredibly clumsy