If food/stored fat are the body’s source of energy, why are overweight people typically more sluggish?


If food/stored fat are the body’s source of energy, why are overweight people typically more sluggish?

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Its not a quick source of energy. It’s a long term source that can be used during periods of deprivation. Meanwhile having it and in far more abundance than one would have ever had in a hunter/gatherer lifestyle produces it’s own issues including mobility.

Your body doesn’t understand how to handle excess and it’s hardwired to store for famine.

On top of that, your body becomes accustomed to the activity you provide it.

Typically, but not always, people that are obese do not do much activity, so they are not accusingly to movement.

Even further, fat stores are not easy for your body to access, and fat doesn’t convert into energy very easily.

Think of a sprinter as a Tesla. Ready to go, quick acceleration, but limited in distance.

Think of a fatty dude as a pickup truck with gas in the bed. If they run out of gas in their tank, they can fill it up again, it just takes some effort to get there.

The same reason cars aren’t faster or more powerful if they have more gas in the tank. Fat is just a way to store energy. “Metabolism” is the process of turning chemicals into energy.

Energy is not power. Using a car analogy: being fat is like having a huge fuel tank; it’s not like having a huge engine. Carrying around masses of fuel makes you slower, not faster.

Kind of like you can save more and build more wealth if you spend less? Inactivity lets you burn less energy so you can save more and build fat reserves.

In my personal experience, I’ve lost 80 lbs, I had been overweight since the age of 10. Put it on, didn’t know why, I was active and didn’t eat much. Struggled and continued to gain weight for two more decades. Finally found out I suffer multiple autoimmune disorders including one that destroyed my thyroid. My health personally made it difficult for me to lose weight or to have energy. During the covid lockdowns I began eating more mindfully and walking and exercising. Finally lost the weight but still struggle to lose the belly fat, which I’m not sure why I can’t get rid of it but I’ve had doctors, nutritionist, and personal trainers and I think some people hold excess weight bc of genes or an undiagnosed health issue.