If humans can have plastic electronics inserted to regulated their hearts, steel to replace bone, why can’t we simply have wigs surgically attached to us when balding?


If humans can have plastic electronics inserted to regulated their hearts, steel to replace bone, why can’t we simply have wigs surgically attached to us when balding?

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Because we sweat through our heads; permanently putting a cover on that would be a really bad idea.

Ever spent a lot of time around someone with cancer? Wigs wear out before long.

That’s essentially what a hair transplant is, but without the extra cap matrix — the hair plugs get put directly into the skin.

Isn’t that what hairplugs are?

There are hair systems that get glued on your head and they look really good. Google for an old photo of Elon Musk and then a more recent photo. He didn’t regrow his hair.

As far as surgical implantation, that would be a waste. The hair is not alive, it breaks and wears out. You would end up bald again but would have gone through the pain/trouble of surgery instead of spending a couple hours a month at a specialty hair salon.

You just watched Joe Dirt, didn’t you? Dang!

So you mean a hair transplantation?

We do, it is called hair transplant surgery. Why go through a more intense procedure for a wig that will wear out over time, when you can get real growing hair?

Hair transplant is already very cutting edge. In first world countries, it costs around $10k-$20k, they are pricing it per graft. Search for Artas FUE. Look at Elon Musk or Rooney for results.


Isn’t that kinda what Hair Club for Men did?

Bones are attached to other bones, plastics are essentially stapled into a pocket

Where would you attach hair? and even if you could how would you make it look realistic, when making it thick or metal enough to be strong would make it look unnatural, and making it thin enough to look realistic would result in it getting damaged and needing extra surgeries to replace it. Good hair looks the way it does because it’s thin enough to style and constantly being replaced when it gets damaged

There was at one point a snap-on toupee. Buttons like the ones on children’s winter coats would be surgically anchored into the skull and the wig would be clipped into those.

But the inventor and designer of the product, Anthony Pignataro, an American plastic surgeon, lost his medical license and then went to prison for attempted murder by poisoning his wife and daughter. So the invention sunk in the water.

Isn’t skin grafting a thing? That’s not the term but they take skin from another part and so you have hair? Sounds ignorant I know I just vaguely remember a hair commercial that was vague about it

Hairplugs are old school. Current technology is almost the same but does transplants hair by hair. The original hair is normally cut from the back of the head then chopped into “follicular units” of one to four individual hairs and plugged into the bald spots. It grows normally. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_transplantation


What the hell is on Steven Seagal’s head now?

One major outstanding problem in surgical augmentation is transdermal-anything.

Skin is quite good at being skin. It keeps the outside out, and the inside in. In the specific points where “inside” and “outside” need to meet, there are fairly complex systems in place for making that happen. The “minimal” version of that is something like hair or nails; a more complex example would be “your nose”.

We don’t have a good artificial way of making something that goes through the skin, and doesn’t have a significant infection risk associated with it.

Just high jacking this post to see if anyone knowledgeable here can answer the opposite question:

Is there a way to accelerate the balding? Is laser hair removal the only way?

As someone whose been balding since my early twenties, I really don’t care about being bald but it’s the halfway look that sucks and daily head shaving is a PITA. Thoughts?

hair and teeth grow like plants. we don’t have hair seeds to replant them nor roots we can put there that would work in the same way. analogies are comparisons, a simile uses the words “like” or “as”, where as a direct metaphors let’s the audience infer the meaning. “I was a comet.” is figurative but not a simile.