If it is dangerous to attach a organ/limp (grown in a laboratory via stem cells), why are we doing it anyway?


I get we might fix the problem by creating the new organ, but we’re creating a completely new problem, which is cancer.

I know cancer is treatable, but it doesn’t always work

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Where are you getting this information from?

Organ transplantation is dangerous because it can lead to the recipient rejecting the new organ. The consequence of that is usually death, because you wouldn’t resort to that unless the stakes were high.

Growing new organs is a developing technology that totally bypasses the risk of rejection by using the recipient’s own cells to base it off of. I’m not sure what the cancer rate is for those situations, but at the very least you’ll live longer than if your organ continued to fail.

According to medical ethics, you shouldn’t do something unless the benefits outweigh the risks. If average lifespan is increased if you do something, then it’s worth it despite the cancer risk increase.