If someone is exercising and breathing heavily, and they are exerting themselves to the point they pass out, will they continue to breathe heavy or will their breathing return to normal?



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In: Biology

When people pass out they usually breathe really deeply. Alarmingly so. When they wake up they are usually extremely tired. I assume there is a massive adrenaline dump when they pass out.

The reason you feel out of breath is because you are trying to get rid of all the carbon dioxide that built up by doing all that exercise. You’ll keep breathing hard for a little while until you can bring your CO2 levels back to normal

If they’re breathing heavily from exercise they’ll keep doing so because they have a physiological need for oxygen and the autonomic nervous system controls that. If they are breathing heavily for another reason, like they’re scared or panicking, then their breathing will quickly return to normal after they pass out because the reason for the heavy breathing has ended