in a recent snowstorm, there was a power failure, which lasted about 6 minutes. In the event of wet snow on the power line or a downed line, is power redirected through a redundant substation with a flick of a switch?


Of course, if there is no redundancy, I assume it would take longer for power to come back on.
Would this be automated or is it human controlled?
Are power networks closed loops?
I assume the set up and result would be the same in both Canada and the US?

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Depends on the relaying and circuitry. If a backfeed is possible, the “old” way was to switch it manually. With newer technology, circuits can now be sectionalized and backfed automatically. This, of course, is much more expensive and complex, so it is often just used on lines with critical loads, like a hospital. And no, not all power circuits are closed loops. Many (most) transmission circuits are closed loop (69 Kv and above), but most distribution circuits (below 69 Kv) are radially fed.