In what ways do noise-cancelling headphones help autistic people?


In what ways do noise-cancelling headphones help autistic people?

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autistic people hate loud noises so giving a noise cancelling headphone helps them to avoid that noise

They help block out noise and create a quiet world. Autistic people can get something called sensory overstimulation (loud environments like malls, or crowded spaces) which can lead to behavioral challenges or meltdowns.

A very big part of being autistic, is related how you process the information coming from your senses. Every autistic person is a little different, but a thing which many of them share in common, is that they can easily feel “overloaded” when they’re receiving too much sensory information, too intensely. And different senses can kind of add up, to produce more overwhelm overall. Background noise can make it harder to *look* at stuff. A bright, busy visual environment might combine with uncomfortable socks chafing your feet, or a smell you hate. It depends on your individual sensitivities, but sometimes certain combinations are just intolerable.

So noise-cancelling headphones are a great way to take one type of stimulus out of the equation, and that can make the others easier to manage.