iOS mobile security SIM card question


Hello, can you explain how SIM cards work on iPhones and specifically whether they can spread viruses or malware onto iPhones like an infected needle can spread viruses to people? Thank you!

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SIM cards are in most cases limited to 32kb in size so it would be tricky to store a virus on it.
You can get bigger capacity but even then it’s small.

Ultimately people don’t often stick new SIM cards into a device so it’s probably not worth the hassle of programming a virus that works via sim when you could just email it etc.

I dare say that technically it’s possible but if someone wanted to get a virus onto my phone I suspect I would notice them removing the sim tray.

SIM cards or Subscriber identification module is just a card that holds information on the account holder. Much like how your debit card has all the information on your bank account. Slipping it into a phone allows the phone to gather the info it needs to connect to the cell network. You cannot transfer viruses with it.