iOS WiFi Sharing



To me this is equal parts magic and sorcery. At my house, someone with an iPhone tries to connect to my WiFi. I get a pop up on my own iPhone and can share my WiFi password with them automatically and they connect to my network.

In: Technology

Your phone knows the wifi key, theirs doesn’t. But you exist as a contact in their phone, so it uses the same technology as airdrop to contact your phone and present the question to you about sharing the pass code.

Your phone is just as much a computer as a desktop PC or server on the cloud. It has wifi capability, which is a part of peer-to-peer networking. Peer-to-peer means exactly that: neither is in charge, neither has capabilities the other lacks.

After that, it’s just a matter of software – what features does the manufacturer WANT you to have? That’s the magic part – convincing a big company to let you cut ties with a server-based infrastructure and do your own serving and sharing without one of their apps. We’re long since past the point where we even need phone companies for in-city calls – the radios and cpus on modern cellphones are easily capable of doing the job without a central service of any kind, and there’s plenty enough of them to cover in-city ranges.