Is birth control through gene editing possible?


Is it technologically possible to make a human male sterile from birth using gene editing? How would this effect the male’s natural development? And, would you be able to reactivate these genes in adulthood?

Edit: for clarity, I’m asking if it’s possible to edit the DNA of a male embryo/fetus to prevent the eventual production of sperm, and reverse this process when the man becomes an adult.

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It’s absolutely possible to sterilize a group of people using gene editing.

Whether or not you could ever undo that kind of damage is impossible to know.

Theoretically, yes and yes. And there could be minimal effect on development…. Depending on the exact method used. Can’t give a firm answer there.

Anyway, we could make someone sterile today, reversing the process later in life is probably not possible with today’s technology though. Give it a few years though and maybe.

Possible? Probably.

Ethical? Definitely not.