is there a limit to how much you can learn? Is there a point where a human neural brain won’t be able to store any more new information?


Obviously currently this doesn’t happen, but assuming there would be some techniques or devices for learning more – would there be a limit to how much our neural networks in the brain can store?

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You make space for new information as you forget the oldest acquired set of information, look at it like a treadmill, things you learned or were good at, go further away from you the more abstinent you are from them, eventually settings itself aside on the backbench for the fresh set of skills/knowledge.

Like a bicycle though, you can remember it all in an instant. The problem is you can’t do everything at once, it will be one thing at a time. While you learn a new thing, the old thing you were learning earlier gets older and older.

It’s this capacity that some people have more of, some people have less of. There’s no cap.

There probably is, but nobody has reached it.

Maybe if we invent immortality we’ll find out that our brains start getting full when we’re 2000 years old.



Basically no.

Our capacity isn’t ACTUALLY infinite of course, but the human brain can store more information than there are atoms in the universe.

Not infinite, but a number so big it might as well be.