Is there an easier way to do long division?


Is there an easier way to do long division?

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Not really. It’s really the best way to divide numbers with a pen and paper. Just stay patient, you’ll never have to use it again in a few years when you get to use a calculator in maths class or at work.

Sometimes it can help to break things down into factors. If you are dividing by 153 you could divide by 3 and then 17, but then you still have to work out the factors of 153, and still have to divide by 17. And, obviously, this doesn’t help with prime numbers.

But otherwise, no. On the plus side, until you get to algebraic or polynomial long division, you won’t need to use long division; calculators will get you there.

You can use subtraction.

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Lets divide 4083 by 37.

37 x 100 is 3700

37 x10 is 370

We begin

4083 – 3700 is 383 (100)

383 – 370 is 13 (10)

13 is less than 37

So 4083 / 37 is 110 with 13 remainder.