is using my laptop while it’s on the charger (even when full) a good thing?


I use my laptop for at least 4 hours every day. And it runs out of battery often. Lately I just use it on the charger… is that going to damage my battery? Someone explain what happens

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on modern laptops, it doesn’t matter. they have controllers in them intelligent enough to know when to divert power. in most modern laptops, you can’t even remove the battery, so you have no choice.

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Battery life is generally measured in the number of discharge-recharge cycles that it can withstand. With that in mind, keeping it charged should provide a longer lifetime than cycling it. Keeping it on the charger will certainly not harm it – my last 2 work laptops’ batteries have lasted years being used that way. Some laptops provide battery protection settings for situations where a laptop is mostly kept on the charger – on my current Lenovo, the battery only charges up to 60% with those settings.