job reports vs the job market/layoffs


The new job report says everything is fine and there’s plenty of good jobs out there. My LinkedIn is like 60% people begging for jobs. Why is there a contrast? Are these people bad at applying searching or was the whole report bullshit?

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Your data may be self-selecting; most people aren’t going to be super active on LinkedIn unless they are specifically job hunting.

There may also be different markets/sectors being discussed; furniture makers may be widely unemployed, but there are tons of solar panel factory jobs available.

A lot of people only use LinkedIn *because* they are trying to find work. Regardless of the wider economic conditions there are always people trying to find a job.

It’s kind of like going “well the report says crime is down but when I go to the local jail 60% of people there are criminals!” I mean yeah….because you checked a jail.

The jobs report is largely bogus. Has been for decades. It is a political tool far more than any accurate piece of data. There are a million ways you can manipulate the data to make it look good. They will remove people they think “aren’t looking” from the unemployment numbers, and the job rate goes up. They will remove people who have unemployed for X years from the unemployment numbers, and the job rate goes up. They will assume older people who are not working are retired even if they aren’t, from the unemployment numbers, and the job rate goes up. The don’t count disabled people in the unemployment numbers, and the job rate goes up

It’s all a shell game designed to put out a number that the current administration can brag (and fundraise) about.

Even all the tech layoffs are still a pretty small overall number relative to jobs in economy. And LinkedIn is a place anybody who is laid off will let others know.

The top five industries with job openings are:

1) Fast food and counter workers
2) Home health care and hospice
3) Cashiers
4) Retail salespeople
5) Stockers and order fillers

Just the fact that you mentioned Linkedin makes me think your friends are probably not seeking the jobs that you need a Linkedin to get.