hi besties can someone plz explain to me the difference between logos and ethos? (especially in applying them to examples)

ik the basic definition (logos = based on facts, ethos = based on credibility) but i always confuse them in application & i have a test today that i have to clutch up :p

thank you in advance :DD

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Logos, Ethos, and Pathos are three element to persuading someone as described by Aristotle.

Basically, there is the character of the speaker (ethos), appealing to the disposition of the audience (pathos), and the actual content of what you say (logos).

Basically logos is how factually correct and sound what you say is. Ethos is your own nature, basically how credible you are with respect to the topic at hand. You could have a Physicist and a Chef each make the same speech about Quantum mechanics (same Logos) but the Physicist would be more persuasive because they’re an actual authority on the matter (Ethos).

Logos – “The statistics show that I am right”

Ethos – “I am a credible source that you should trust”