male pattern baldness in general


How and why does the titular “pattern” in male pattern baldness occur the way it does? Why does the hair on top tend to fall out more often than the hair on the sides?

In: Biology

Some hairs react to hormones in your body. The hairs on your face get thicker, so you get a beard. For some people, the hairs on your head react to those hormones and get thinner.

Why it happens depends on your genes. If you have other male relatives who went bald, then you probably will too.

Unless you mean “what purpose does it serve,” that’s more of speculation. The theory I’ve heard is that its to make men who have already had children less attractive so that they stay around and raise their children rather than wander off to sire more. But that’s attributing agency to evolution, which is wrong. The real reason why is because those genes exist and haven’t prevented the men from carrying from passing on the genes, so they persist. Simple as that. Evolution doesn’t need a reason.