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I am trying to understand Metamodernism through an understanding of Modernism and Post-Modernism but I am just not getting it. Thank You in Advance.

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Think of it as a tradeoff between the idealism of Modernism and the skepticism of Post-Modernism – sort of a blend of both earnestness and irony. At least that’s how I think about it.

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To understand Metamodernism, it’s helpful to first grasp Modernism and Postmodernism:

**Modernism** (late 19th to mid-20th century) was a reaction to the rapid changes of the industrial age. It emphasized breaking away from traditional forms and sought new ways of seeing the world. Artists and thinkers focused on innovation, abstraction, and the inner workings of the human mind. They were optimistic about progress and believed in the power of art and science to bring about a better future.

**Postmodernism** (mid-20th century to late 20th century) emerged as a response to Modernism’s perceived limitations. It questioned the ideas of universal truth and objective reality. Postmodernists embraced relativism and irony, highlighting the fragmented nature of human experience. They often used pastiche, mixing different styles and genres, to challenge the notion of originality. Postmodernism was more skeptical and often critical of grand narratives and ideologies.

**Metamodernism** (early 21st century) arises from the tension between Modernism’s optimism and Postmodernism’s skepticism. It oscillates between these extremes, blending hope and doubt. Metamodernism acknowledges the complexities and uncertainties of our time but seeks to move forward with a sense of sincerity and constructive engagement. It combines a playful irony with earnestness, allowing for multiple perspectives and emotions simultaneously. This framework is more fluid, adapting to change while striving for meaning and connection in a fragmented world.

In essence, Metamodernism is about balancing the idealism of Modernism with the critical awareness of Postmodernism, navigating a path that is both hopeful and realistic.

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metamodernism is like a mix of modernism and post-modernism, blending sincerity with irony and hope with skepticism. it’s all about embracing complexity and contradiction in a constantly evolving world.