On iPhones, why is it harder to tap on buttons when you’re holding the phone upside-down?


Say, you tap on the letter “G” on the keyboard normally, if you attempt to tap on the letter “G” again at the same location but with the phone upside-down, you’ll tap “T” instead. You have to position your thumb a bit higher before you can actually tap on “G” but by then it looks like you’re tapping on “V”. Why is that? Does this happen with other touchscreen devices too or is it strictly iOS-related?

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Human brains are kind of funny creatures. We think we are tapping on a letter but we actually miss slightly. It’s kind of like we are pointing at a letter rather than actually poking at it. The phone’s keyboard is programed to compensate for this be adjusting our actual touchpoint so that it responds to what it thinks we are trying to do.

Flipping your phone upside down messes this all up. Normally we touch slightly under the point we are intending to actually touch. flipping the phone upside down reverses the error that the phone is expecting, so when it compensates it’s actually making the error larger rather than smaller.

Think of it like this. If you touch at point 0 when you intend to touch point 1, the phone will simply add 1 to wherever you are touching.

When you flip the phone, you intend to tough 1, but you actually hit 2, and the phone corrects this to a 3.