Hi recently, my mom got osteoporosis in her hips. I went with her to the doctor for a check up. I heard that its common for women, who lacked in exercise and calcium and old age (my moms 54) to get this and the most common parts that gets this is hips, spine etc. Is there something that caused this? And why the heck osteoporosis? Thanks!

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There are a bunch of things that increase the risk for getting osteoporosis. It’s not an uncommon diagnosis.

Risk factors include lack of exercise, lack of Vitamin D, lack of Calcium, Smoking, Alcohol, underweight, certain drugs, chronic inflammations, high estrogen levels etc.

It will be impossible to isolate a single cause


Osteoporosis is basically a latin word for low bone mass. There are many different things that can cause osteoporosis. Little exercise and low calcium levels is obvious contirbutors. If you do not use your bones then the body will save some energy by not making them as strong as usual and if you eat too little calcium the body does not have anything to make the bones out of. However there are other factors involved which we do not know much about. Osteoporosis is more common in older people but we do not know the exact mechanism behind this. There are also several diseases that can cause it. The most common issue with osteoporosis is that it is easier to brake bones then normal. This is where the steriotype of old ladies braking their hips all the time comes from. There is no known way to cure it as such but depending on what causes the osteoporosis you might be able to cure the underlying issue.