Panagarolaimus kolymaensis


What is to gain for anyone to revive them ?


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The interesting thing about learning new things is that you don’t know what you will gain from the new knowledge. A 46,000 year old organism is something biologists don’t get to see every day and might yield new insights about organisms which are otherwise no longer existing.

Overall there is the concept of “pure academia” where some people pursue knowledge simply for the sake of knowledge, without an underlying motive for a particular application. Sometimes people might study something with a goal in mind, like trying to figure out precisely how herbicides kill plants in order to breed a food crop that is nearly immune to an herbicide. But other times a biologist might study for example how plants react to chemical stimuli from other plants just to know how that process works. No goal in mind, no planned application, just the pursuit of understanding.

Later on of course that knowledge might be very useful in achieving some other goal or furthering some other study.