please How do weather forecasts come up with ‘Feels like’ temperatures?



Is this rather biology? Sorry if misleading flair then.

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They factor in things like humidity and wind chill factors. Like for example if it’s 60* but there’s 20mph winds it’s going to feel a lot cooler.

They do have formulas based on the temperature, humidity and wind speed. The concept is that if there is more wind then the atmosphere will be more efficient at removing heat from your body making it feel colder then it actually is. And low humidity means your sweat will be more efficient making it feel colder when it is hot.

>Is this rather biology? Sorry if misleading flair then.

Your body has no integrated thermometer. You can’t measure or feel temperatures.

What you do feel is the rate at which your body is able to shed its excess heat. That depends on many different factors – raw temperature is one of them, but for example both humidity and wind speed are also equally important.

There are in a sense three different temperatures, and a “feels like” forecast combines all of them into one measurement.

The temperature of the still air around you (ambient/default/true temperature).

The temperature of that air while being chilled by whatever the wind currently is (wind chill).

And the temperature of the still air when filled with however much water is currently in the air (humidity).