Pockmarks/Acne Scars


Why is it not possible to completely get rid of them? And what and how do current treatments work?

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A scar is a scar. It’s a different type of tissue than normal skin layers. Scar tissue doesn’t go away without surgery.

Find a competent dermatologist who can minimize the acne, this is your best path forward, even if you later decide upon cosmetic surgery.

Imagine skin cells as a bunch of guys holding hands in a random shape.

If you get rid of a few guys, it’s obvious how many you were missing, and you can ask the guy next to the missing spot if he needs a replacement next to him.

But if you get rid of 30 or 50 of them, the remaining guys can’t tell how many are missing, they can only tell a few are missing next to them, but not how far it goes.