prions from rats or mice droppings?

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Anyone who is knowledgeable in prions? Can we get prions from rat droppings? (Question because I found or didn’t find droppings in my uncle bens rice, even though it was extremely hard and black and didn’t turn into dust like the internet says rat droppings do) wanting to know so I can know if I need to throw away my rice cooker completely 😭

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Technically rats can have prions, but we have no recorded cases of that happening outside of labs where we deliberately infected them for experiments.  

The typical ways of infection for prions aren’t rat droppings (those are more likely to give you some bacterial infections), but eating prion infected meat from cows/sheep and human/human infections mostly through medical instruments and rarely blood transfusions. 

There are exactly 0 known cases where it was transmitted by a rat. (Prion diseases in general are pretty rare, you’re 20 times more likely to be hit by lightning than getting one)