Since it’s recommended not to use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound why are they still used for this purpose?


I understand for people out in the wilderness and other places where clean running water and soap a sparse. It’s other situations that confuse me.

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Alcohol should not be used to clean a wound. It is a disinfectant and shouldn’t be used on open wounds. Hydrogen peroxide use on wounds should only be used for deep cuts with debris or if the would is infected. Some doctors may suggest it inside a lanced abscess to kill nerve endings so the wound can be packed, but this practice isn’t very common any longer. A standard scratch or cut can be cleaned with a clean source of water and soap. If you are concerned about what to use, as a healthcare provider.

Some of it is because people were told when they were young that you use those two things to clean a wound. Now that we (in general) know better, some of them do not believe that medical science knows better than their grandma. And some of them just have not been informed that they are wrong.