Slots/Pokies ROI %


With the problem of criminals using pokie machines in australia as a way to wash money, do the return payouts to player get affected?
Machine roi is roughly 87% so on average per $10 played u get $8.7 back
But, when someone puts in large amounts ($10,000) play $1 and then withdraw for the receipt (money washed)
Does this mean that machine has just paid out a large sum at 100% and now will make everyone else’s returns less?

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From the perspective of the operator, that remaining $9,999 was never wagered. It would be incorrect to include that in any calculation of payback statistics, since it was never involved with the game.

Also, in general, slot games are always independent events. A previous player winning a large prize wouldn’t affect anyone else, excluding the value of progressive prizes

The machines still paying out at regular rates. A regular player isn’t affected.

The idea though is that since there’s no record matched to a person of money being added to the machine, no one can prove if money cashed out was from getting lucky and winning big, or someone laundering money.

Many machines will now tag on a receipt the amount of money from winnings compared to money that was just inserted and never used to play, but not all of them, especially smaller operations like pubs with a few machines.