Smartphone reviews almost never mention antenna quality anymore. Have we reached a limit on cellular network quality?


Voice calls were once a main feature of the device, but now it’s barely ever mentioned. Is there still room for improvement (inside a phone, not network provider antennas), or have we reached some physical limit?

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They still optimise it it is just not marketable

Truth is many values are..pretty arbitrary and many people just dont understand them fully

We could drop CPU performance somewhat too from the marketing.. sure the next gen snapdragon xyz or whatever is 30% stronger than the last one.. in lab settings where it is cooled.

Thing is we still do this because the phone being percieved as faster is a thing anyone can immediately see..

Truth is the hardlimit on CPUs is ultimately cooling efficiency and how the software is optimised to it… but people spew around marketing with “look how powerful this chip is” yeah factually true but it ultimately barely matters… in the dedicated gaming phones like the ROG phones etc which have extra coolers…obviously they’d mention it but just like antennas.. generally better cooling efficiency isn’t mentioned either even though it enables your phones performance.

In the end every phone is reliant on optimisation of software and them getting the most out of the chips.. thats for instance what apple is doing, apple really is just working with weaker stuff but in a pretty optimised manner because they built it and they control their app store they can make the hardware work better… that is why apple can often be the speartip of phones despite really not being the top dog in actual conponents.. phones have 5-6k maH batteries.. apple sits at like 4350 maH or something..but they run pretty power effectively so it feels better.

Same with 5g antennas.. just because you have a 5g antenna doesnt mean the 5g in your area isn’t just glorified 4g… like my 5g antenna in my s23 ultra doesn’t matter if the network coverage is garbage.

Your average consumer doesn’t know the nuances of wifi standards or communication antenna standards, so they usually are not mentioned in marketing..they still are being improved upon but it isn’t this flashy marketable thing.

Same way how you barely get mic quality listed or webcam quality on a laptop.. those things are just kinda expected to be there but usually it isn’t a thing people market for.

It matters if the service in your area is poor, Which isn’t the case for 99% of users. If you want to compare how powerful the antenna of a phone is you can look at the radiation levels it emits. My phone (oneplus) performs excellently in areas of poor service while my mom’s iPhone cuts in and out like you were talking to someone in the 90s.

The best way for a cellular network to increase it’s carrying capacity is to reduce the size and increase the number of cells. That sort of reduces the need for higher gain in phone antennae.