Step two of Feynman Technique for Learning?


Step two of Feynman Technique for Learning?

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According to this [you need to be 12]( before you will be able to understand the answer to your question.

Not 5. Not 11. And 13 is right out.

It’s basically the (theoretical) premise of this sub for the responders, and it’s a way of identifying gaps in your knowledge.

The idea is that only somebody who actually understands a topic thoroughly can dumb down their explanation enough for somebody with no experience studying it. If you find it difficult to explain part of it in a way a kid could understand it or if you have to use technical terms, that’s a place you yourself probably don’t have a full understanding of and it’s a good place to focus your further studies.

Once you know the subject well enough that you can explain it to anyone in a way that is easy to understand, then you probably know it well enough to only need to review it now and then.