The difference between “grass” and “weeds”.


The difference between “grass” and “weeds”.

In: Biology

Grass is more general. It’s just green leaves. Generally there is no flowers or anything spilt or whatever. Weeds grow bigger and they spread easily making them harder to get rid of. Generally weeds have more colors and they have flowers or something like that

Weeds are just plants someone doesn’t want there, so grass can be a weed if it’s unwanted! But grass in someone’s garden is wanted, and therefore not a weed 🙂

Grasses are a whole class of plants that only have one seed leaf (cotyledon) when they are embryos, as opposed to two seed leaves like other plants. Bamboo and Corn are grasses just as much as the grass in our lawns.

Weeds are just plants that you don’t want in a particular place. In your lawn that might mean dandelions or unwanted grasses like crabgrass. In your garden, the same grass that grows in your lawn might be considered a weed if you don’t want it there.