The different type of diamonds


I’m currently hunting for an engagement ring for my girlfriend but I don’t understand all the gradings. Like what does H-D mean and VS1? How do they even decide how much a diamond is worth?

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Colour, clarity, carat and cut.

Colour goes in an alphabetical scale, typically starting with D for a very pure white, towards Z it becomes yellow, possibly synthetic diamonds

Clarity is more confusing, but pertains to how many defects are in the diamond. The best are flawless and internally flawless, then you get onto the letter scale which uses V, S, and I. I dont know what they mean, but you want more V, maybe some S, and no I. VVS is a good clarity diamond

Next is carat and thats pretty much the weight and size of the diamond, and is quite simple, bigger number, bigger diamond.

The last C is for cut, which doesn’t apply to the shape the diamond was cut into confusingly, but they quality of the cuts made, from excellent to poor, again ots quite self explanatory.

The higher a diamond places in each of these categories the higher the price. But certain brands can add to the price tag too



There are a bunch of good subreddits you can join to help guide you through this. There’s an engagement ring sub and a diamond one. I just went through this. Best bet is small, local jeweler. Don’t go to the mall stores—lower quality, higher markup.