The instagram reels of humans vibing and cuddling with famously lethal animals like bears and crocodiles


I’ve seen the videos with lions and tigers too. How do they not get mauled or killed?

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Sometimes they do, and you can find plenty videos of _that_.

Now there may be other ways people do this, but… there are a lot of unscrupulous places that keep these animals in captivity and do some pretty inhumane things to them to make them docile for instagrammers. It’s kind of sad. There are really no reputable places that keep these kind of animals in captivity that would allow this.

Those animals are dangerous, but they aren’t always aggressive, especially if they’re well-fed, not scared, and accustomed to being around humans.

There are a lot of things that aren’t a good idea and carry a lot of risk, but will not immediately get you killed with any high probability. Cuddling with a tame bear is one of them.

in many of the videos I’ve seen the human was a trainer. Still doesn’t make it safe but implies experiance and knowing the specific animal since before it was weaned.