the jastrow illusion, how does it work?

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i know it has something to do with the arches but i have monkey brain and i cant really wrap my head around it.

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The Jastrow illusion is a visual trick where two identical curved shapes appear different sizes. This happens because of how our brains compare the inner and outer curves.

The inner curve of the bottom shape lines up with the outer curve of the top shape. The outer curve is always longer, so our brain sees the bottom shape as bigger, even though they’re the same.

It’s like comparing a banana to a crescent moon – they’re different shapes, but our brain still compares them based on their curves.

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It’s really just because the one on top starts further to the left than the one of the bottom so it’s end point is further left, making it seems shorter. If you were to align them where neither is further left/right, they are the same distance.

The only thing the arches do is just make it harder to notice that one is further left/right. If they were boxes instead or even trapezoids with slanted sides, it would be easy to tell they were the same size because they end/start in the same place